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Get eyelid surgery in Dubai today! If you want an easy and quick solution to get rid of your puffy eyes or stubborn eye bags, hire an eyelid surgeon in Dubai to help you with it. 

It can be quite hard to achieve a smooth and desirable skin, especially around your eye area. Droopy eyelids, blurred vision, and unwanted eye bags may occur and it’s something we should be aware of. As an eyelid surgeon in Dubai, I understand this and am ready to restore the beauty and glow in your eyes.

What is eyelid surgery?

An eyelid surgery, or a blepharoplasty surgery, is a procedure done around the eyelids to remove excess skin, fat, and muscles. It helps to reduce the appearance of drooping eyelids, eye bags, and the effects of aging around the eyes. This is done to regenerate the eye area and will help improve your facial appearance as well. 

Before getting a blepharoplasty in Dubai, you should do your research first or better yet, consult with Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin. Whether it’s for medical issues or simply to enhance an area around your eyes, seeking help from a medical professional will certainly help with your decision. Eyelid surgery varies depending on the kind of procedure you want. It can be done on just the upper eyelid or both the lower and upper parts of your eyelids. While the upper part may be more common, the lower part is not so much and is usually deemed medically unnecessary. 

Why should I get eyelid surgery?

If you’re seeking to improve your vision or simply to lift, pump, de-puff, lighten your dark circles, or even out your eyelid creases the easier way, then having an eyelid surgery in Dubai can be a suitable procedure for you. As age is a natural part of life, our skin shrinks and it changes as time passes. Skin problems happen and it affects everyone. You should get eyelid surgery if you are finally ready to go through with such an action, both mentally and physically. You also have to keep in mind that your demands should be realistic. 


Surgery can have a lasting effect on our bodies and side effects may happen, therefore, you have to prepare yourself for it. However, if this will help you in the long run and improve your well-being, you can most certainly go through with blepharoplasty in Dubai. Usually, those aged 30 years old and above can undergo this. For those who want to undergo it but are still at an early age, it is optimal to wait until 18 for the surgery to push through.

How long is the recovery process?

The recovery process depends on the complexity of the procedure. As an eyelid surgeon in Dubai, Prof. Doc. Luis Gavin will oversee your surgery and keep an eye on your recovery. You may have blurred vision for a few days, particularly around 4 to 5 days so you need someone to look over you. Visiting Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin for a regular checkup or follow-up would also be beneficial, especially if some other symptoms show up or if pain persists. This will give him an insight on how the procedure turned out and he can diagnose you on what the problem is or what else needs to be done. When you undergo the surgery, he can assure you that it will go as painless as possible with less recovery time. 

How much will eyelid surgery in Dubai cost?

The average cost of this type of procedure is around 10,000 AED. It depends on the kind of surgery you want or which area, and the severity and complexity of it are factors too when it comes to pricing. Eyelid surgery in Dubai has become popular because of its excellent medical facilities and skilled surgeons who have experience with this type of operation. As the leading blepharoplasty surgeon in Dubai, Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin will ensure you are prepared for the surgery and help you see the inner beauty in you. 

Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin wants to make sure you get the best out of what you’re looking for, therefore, he will see to it that he will use only the best tools, practices, and procedures. Above anything else, he values your safety and overall well-being while keeping in mind the quality of his work. Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin maintains a high standard of service and makes sure his clients see it when communicating with them. His mission is to provide his duties responsibly and be a cosmetic surgeon you can trust. 

With years of experience, practice in the respective field, and a multitude of satisfied customers, Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin’s work has given him recognition as one of the trusted eyelid surgeons in Dubai. He is a certified medical professional that will not only ensure your well-being, but also your overall health as well before, during, and after any cosmetic procedure. 

Choosing him as your eyelid surgeon in Dubai is just a step into your new journey towards an improved you. Tools are merely an instrument for your beautification but more than ever, Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin wants you to invest in yourself because he believes that real beauty comes from within. As one of the best blepharoplasty surgeons in Dubai, he can help you achieve the look you want. Discover better health and beauty today when you inquire about his services!  

Feel free to reach out to Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin about eyelid surgery in Dubai. He will be more than happy to answer all your queries via phone call, message, or email and set an appointment with you.


The surgery may affect your vision for about 4 to 5 days. Everything you see may be blurry but it’s only temporary and the effects will wear off. You need someone to look after you and will be able to support you as you recover. If some symptoms occur for more than 5 days, consult your eyelid surgeon in Dubai immediately.

Eyelid surgery gives people a chance to lessen the effects of aging and help better the appearance around their eye area. Some people do not want dark circles around their eyes or want to de-puff it the quicker way. This quick and conventional method is beneficial because not only it speeds up the process, but it also allows a more thorough solution to get rid of it.

Blurry vision and possible pains around your eye area after an eyelid surgery is very common. However, if symptoms occur or these uncomfortable actions keep happening, it’s best to consult with an eyelid surgeon in Dubai. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin so that he can ease your pain and give you comfort.

If you think it would help with your problems, then it could be worth it. But when you have it done with Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin, it will be worth it because his years of experience and constant research in this area has enabled him to deliver the best results for his clients in Dubai. He will do his very best to set your expectations and make you see the wonderful results of the surgery. For more information on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin. 

Normally, you don’t need one and would only require treatment. Although sometimes, if Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin recommends it or if he sees that something needs to be improved for your comfort, then you may need to do so. That depends on my findings or if it is only absolutely necessary.

Eyelid surgery only tackles your eyelid area and doesn’t affect much of your face. However, swollen eyes and blurred vision may affect parts of your face after your procedure. Facial surgery, on the other hand, may require alterations on your whole face depending on the kind of procedure that will be made.

There is a process for this and in order to be suitable for the surgery, you have to be physically fit and thoroughly examined by a medical professional. However, if you’re having doubts about the surgery, it’s best to consult with Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin first before undergoing the procedure.

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