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Many people experience bleeding of the gums when brushing our teeth, along with gingivitis. At its earliest stages, this is a painless condition that can easily be cured by improving overall oral hygiene. However, if it remains untreated, it can lead to the onset of periodontitis, a very serious disease that requires extensive gum treatment in Dubai. This issue can cause severe damage to the soft tissue and bone surrounding our teeth. With the passage of time, the bacteria within our mouth continue to build up and accumulate in the spaces between the gums and teeth. It can cause decay and inflammation, and upon remaining untreated, can result in further health problems and tooth loss.

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Dr. Luis holds a specialty in helping his patients evaluate, prevent, manage and treat diseases that affect their gums. All of this is done by making full use of the latest techniques and advanced equipment. For him, it is of utmost importance to take every step required to ensure that his clients remain safe against tooth loss. To ensure that his clinic benchmarks as a premier oral healthcare provider across the UAE, he provides services that are 100% customer-centric and personalized to provide a quality and suitable treatment plan based on their needs. Upon visiting his clinic, your needs will be adequately assessed, and he will ensure that you receive world-class treatment for all your issues. Dubai is a leader in technological and medical innovations, and Dr. Gavin embraces these advancements in every single treatment plan that he designs for his patients.

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