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Maxillofacial Surgery is focused on correcting any injuries, defects, and diseases that affect the hard and soft tissues of the face and jaw (maxillofacial) region. With this surgery, the surgeon improves the overall aesthetic and functional aspects of the jaw and face. At Dr. Luis Gavin’s clinic, patients benefit from comprehensive and compassionate support and surgical services. Dr. Gavin is a dental expert with a specialized focus on Maxillofacial Surgery and has long delivered elite-level surgical care for his patients. Whether you require the placement of Implants, need Bone Grafts, or are looking for treatment for injuries or diseases that affect your jaws, teeth, bones, facial structure, and mouth, he is available to help with it all.

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Dr. Luis Gavin presents a full spectrum of top-notch surgical services that are paired with compassionate support to deliver an outstanding experience devoid of fear and concerns. He is dedicated to delivering the highest caliber of surgical care to patients requiring maxillofacial surgery. Irrespective of the issue, whether his patient has suffered an injury to the teeth, bones, mouth, or jaws or needs implant placements, as a leading maxillofacial dentist, he is here to serve them all. From Dr. Luis Gavin, patients can expect nothing but the highest quality of care, surgical expertise, and an outstanding understanding of function and aesthetics.

Why Choose Dr. Luis Gavin As Your Maxillofacial Surgeon In Dubai?

As a leading maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Luis Gavin boasts countless professional and educational achievements and milestones. These include:

Educational Milestones

  • Degree and Ph.D. in Medicine and Surgery (Stomatologist, Oral Surgery, and Maxillofacial), Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.
  • International MBA, IE Business School.
  • Degree in Orthodontics, College of Dentistry, Valencia, Spain.
  • Magister for Acupunture, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.
  • Clinical Hypnosis Specialist Degree, UNED, Spain.
  • The anti-snoring intraoral system, Ortho-Apnea Academy, Spain.

Professional Achievements

  • Dubai London Clinic, UAE, Specialist Oral, and Maxillofacial Surgeon.
  • Gulf Diagnostic Hospital, UAE, Head of Dental Department.
  • University of Sharjah, UAE, Part-time Lecturer/Clinical Instructor for Oral Surgery/Implants.
  • Swedish Capio Hospitals Group, Spain: Dentist, Oral Surgeon, Clinical Maxillofacial and Orthodontist.
  • Expert for Medical Liability/Malpractice, UAE and Spain, for Insurances Companies and Regulatory Authorities.
  • Hospital Universitario La Zarzuela, Madrid, Spain, Dental, Oral Surgery and Medicine, Orthodontist.
  • Air Forces Medical Officer, Spain.

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