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Ozone Dental Treatment

Our permanent teeth can last a lifetime with proper care. Of course, one can have dental therapy or dental treatment from time to time. Also, good oral hygiene, consuming a low-sugar diet, and visiting the dentist can prevent tooth decay and gum disease over the long run.

Ozone dental treatments are now done without discomfort, thanks to modern technology. This means that visiting your dentist can be less daunting than before. Ozone dental treatment is a natural and non-invasive dental therapy for tooth decay.

Prof. Dr. Gavin Luis offers Ozone therapy for teeth for those who want a natural therapy for dental issues.

Ozone Dental Therapy Benefits

  1. Ozone dental therapy is the best painless treatment for tooth decay.
  2. Ozone therapy for teeth is minimally invasive–this means that there are no ]surgical procedures involved.
  3. It is a great way to treat sensitive teeth.
  4. Ozone therapy is a natural and effective procedure to treat various dental issues.
  5. Ozone therapy for teeth is fast-acting and has the smallest application and treatment time.
  6. Ozone therapy for teeth is fast-acting and has the smallest application and treatment time.


Ozone dental treatment uses ozone gas (O3) to treat common dental issues like minor tooth decay, conduct dental cleaning, remineralize weakened enamel, and reduce tooth sensitivity.

Ozone dental treatment is a safe procedure when carried out by a certified professional. Ozone gas has been used in dentistry since the 1930s, more commonly in the US, the EU, and Gulf.

Ozone dental therapy is used for teeth cleaning, treating minor tooth decay, remineralizing tooth enamel, and managing teeth sensitivity.

During your ozone dental therapy, your dentist will apply ozonated water or ozone gas on your teeth and gums. The procedure will be painless and with no discomfort. Your dentist will wait a few minutes for the ozone to work. After that, you’ll be able to go home.

Recovery from ozone therapy is quick so you will be able to drive and go home by yourself. While there are no harmful side effects of ozone dental therapy, consult your doctor if you feel any symptoms.

Ozone Dental Treatment

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Prof. Dr. Luis is an experienced professional in ozone dental therapy. With this treatment, you can reduce tooth sensitivity, fix minor tooth decay, clean your teeth, and remineralize your enamel without surgeries or other painful procedures.

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Ozone Dental Therapy for Good Oral Health

Ozone is a gas that naturally occurs in our atmosphere. With a chemical composition of O3 and its highly antimicrobial properties, this gas has several health benefits. These conditions are often treated with ozone.

Ozone Treatment for Teeth

While minor dental procedures utilize ozone gas, it is also used in more complex ones like root canals. Root canals are necessary when a tooth has severe decay and has a deep cavity.

With ozone gas or ozonated water, a dentist can remove bacteria and disinfect the tooth to prevent further damage.

Ozone in Remineralization

Our mouths naturally harbor bacteria. However, with compromised dental hygiene, this bacteria can become excessive and lead to dental cavities or weakened enamel.

Ozone is often used in remineralization of the enamel. By regularly visiting a dentist, you can get remineralization treatment and strengthen your teeth and gums.

Ozone Therapy for Teeth by Dr. Luis

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