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About Dr. Luis Gavin

Dr. Luis Gavin is a Spanish dentist and he is a multi-diverse experienced dental expert with a Degree in Medicine and Surgery from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain and Doctorate Degree, Swedish Capio Hospital Company in Europe, as Head of Dental Maxillo Facial Surgery and Face Aesthetics, practicing highly specialized and complicated procedures.

Now is working as a Part Time visiting doctor, in the most prestige UAE Hospitals, Dubai London Specialty Hospital, Al Zahra Dubai Hospital, and Harley Street Clinic Abu Dhabi.


Languages Known

  • Fluent in Spanish, English and French.


  • ASS, Spain-European Board for OCMFS and Orthodontics.
  • American Board for Sleep Medicine.

Other Notable Education

  • Universidad Complutense UCM, Madrid, Spain.
  • Degree in Orthodontics COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY, VALENCIA, SPAIN, 1991-92.
  • Health Dental Programs Specialist, Madrid Univt, 1998.
  • Master’s Degree in Appraisal of Handicaps/Expert Loss Adjuster, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, UAM, Spain, 1998-99.
  • Master for Acupunture Specialist, Completeness Univ., Madrid, Spain, Oct 2001 to Jun 2003.
  • Prosthodontics Certificate 166 hours USC (Univt Southern California.
  • Clinical Hypnosis Specialist Degree, UNED Univ., Madrid, 2010/2011.
  • UAE Ministry of Education & Science, Certificate in Clinical Maxillofacial Dentistry (Certificate issued by Ministry of Education & Science, 30/6/2010, number C.M./C.Q./49/2010)


Teaching Experience

  • UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH: Part time Lecture/Clinical Instructor.
  • ASTRA TECH IMPLANT SYSTEM, SWEDEN: Instructor for Implant courses.
  • MYRIAD/EQUINOX IMPLANT SYSTEM, HOLLAND: Instructor for teaching program.
  • ORTHO-APNEA ACADEMY: Anti snoring intraoral system official trainer for Middle East


Previous Working Experience

  • Swedish Capio Hospitals Group, (Feb 2003-2010) com– Dentist – Oral Surgeon, Clinical Maxillofacial, Orthodontist.
  • Part Time Expert for Medical Liability/Malpractice (From 1999) – For Insurances Co: CIGNA/AXA/AEGON/ALLIANZ/ST.PAUL.
  • La Zarzuela Medical Centre, Spain, Madrid (Dec 1994 to Jan 2003) es– Dental, Oral Surgery and Medicine, Orthodontist.
  • Air Forces Medical Officer 1992/93.


Professional Achievements

  • Dubai London Clinic, UAE, Specialist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.
  • Gulf Diagnostic Hospital, UAE, Head of Dental Department.
  • University of Sharjah, UAE, Part time Lecture/Clinical Instructor for Oral Surgery/Implants.
  • Swedish Capio Hospitals Group, Spain: Dentist, Oral Surgeon, Clinical Maxillofacial and Orthodontist.
  • Expert for Medical Liability/Malpractice, UAE and Spain, for Insurances Companies and Regulatory Authorities.
  • Hospital Universitario La Zarzuela, Madrid, Spain, Dental, Oral Surgery and Medicine, Orthodontist.
  • Air Forces Medical Officer, Spain.

Educational Milestones

  • Degree and PhD in Medicine and Surgery (Stomatologist, Oral Surgery and Maxillofacial), Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.
  • International MBA, IE Business School.
  • Degree in Orthodontics, College of Dentistry, Valencia, Spain.
  • Magister for Acupunture, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.
  • Clinical Hypnosis Specialist Degree, UNED, Spain.
  • Anti snoring intraoral system, Ortho-Apnea Academy, Spain.
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